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Are you interested in Exhibiting more successfully?
Would you like the secrets that make Sponsorship EASY?
Do you want to significantly increase $ with a low cost per lead?

Then Exhibiting and Event Sponsorship is for you!

At the Exhibiting and Sponsorship Institute (EASI), our focus is to enable you to achieve Excellence in Exhibiting and Event Sponsorship. This is the driving force behind everything we do. So there has to be a starting point.

This is the starting point!

We have devised a series of webinars to introduce you to some of the main concepts of Exhibiting and Event Sponsorship. The webinars are run once a month and last for 45 to 60 minutes. They are an easy and effective way to comprehend or refresh the key elements.

So if you are looking to grow your business, improve your events or find out how to get access to sponsors and exhibitors then these webinars will help you.

We are providing these webinars at no cost to you as our way of contributing to the industry. As well as the webinars you register for, you will also regular receive updates from us about key and current issues in the field.

As the registration for each webinar becomes available, a Register Now button will appear next to it. Simply click the button to complete the details and register.  See you on the call!

Jan 16th - Keys to Sponsorship Success Available on the Membership site

Feb 6th - How to Measure Success  
Available on the Membership site

Mar 5th - EASI Engagement

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Apr 9th - Finding Sponsors and Sponsor Coordinator

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May 8th

Jun 12th

Jul 3rd

Aug 7th

Sep 4th

Oct 2nd

Nov 6th

Who Are We

Danielle Storey, who has successfully sponsored multiple events and used this as a method to create a multi-million dollar business in less than five years, and
Warwick Merry, who has been working in the Trade Show area since 1993 after spending 12 months on a permanent trade show in Dallas Texas and then exhibiting all around the world and consulting to exhibitors are tradeshow organisers.

WGM and DS

The Focus

The sole focus of this series is to help you be a better exhibitor and sponsor. This is one of the cheapest ways to get new leads and new clients in your business. They will show you the secrets on how to Exhibit Like a Pro and how to better your current exhibiting and event sponsorship approach.


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